Fiber cement decking by Allura is here, and it’s angling to raise the bar on low-maintenance decking materials.

The fiber cement technology, which was previously only used for home siding, aims to significantly reduce water damage, fading deck color, wood rot, wood-boring insects and board gaps.

“As many homeowners have come to experience, water, humidity, pollen and sun exposure can leave an outdoor retreat looking faded and dingy after just one season of dinner parties, family gatherings and game watching parties, turning the dream of a spectacular backyard deck into a maintenance nightmare,” said the company in a statement.

In contrast, fiber cement is weather, rot and flame-resistant, and it doesn’t fade, peel or chip.

“The only time you have to repaint or stain fiber cement is if you want to change the color,” said Tom Taylor, Allura’s director of customer relations.

“Allura decking looks like wood, but with none of the hassles,” he added. “Fiber cement is changing everything we previously came to accept about backyard decks. It’s an affordable choice for transforming a landscape.”