We are a Certified Kohler® Platinum Dealer


Come in and see our generator display

We can refer you to electricians for installation.

During an outage – your food is the first thing to go
Food is expensive. Keep your refrigerators and freezers powered when the power disappears!

What about your electronics?

Keep them powered and protected from erratic power surges. Stay connected to the world.

Keep your family comfy

Whether it’s during one of our hot and dry summers, or cold and wet winters, your HVAC keeps you and your family comfy and your home protected.

The lights come back on in seconds!

Why search for a flashlight in the dark? Stay where you are and stay safe! Just wait for the standby generator to pop the lights back on.

Water is essential

Do you have a well? A sump-pump? Keep everything running as it should.

What is a portable generator?
You can move a portable generator around. Keep it in your garage and roll it out when needed. Or take it to the job site.

We have Honda, Firman and Lifan portable generators in stock

Come and get one today! We have them that run on gas and propane. Remember to get enough extension cords to connect to the essential items you want to power.

What is a standby generator?
It’s backup power for your whole home! Tied directly into your electric panel, a standby generator turns on automatically when it senses a power outage. Very convenient.

We are proud to be an authorized platinum Kohler® standby generator dealer

Kohler has been making power since 1920 and is a premier manufacturer of standby generators.

Beware of generators that require costly valve adjustments
Kohler generators – 14 kW and up –  use hydraulic valve technology, which means you never need to adjust them. If you are looking at other brands, make sure you include the cost of a service technician visiting your home every year to adjust the valves.

Kohler offers up to a 10 year warranty!
Their standby generators come with a 2 year warranty. Get peace of mind and extend the Kohler warranty to 10 years. Super reasonable price!

Lake County electricians trained by Kohler
Kohler’s warranty is backed up by local, Lake County electricians trained at the Kohler factory in Wisconsin. Kohler wants you to have confidence in their products.

How to get it installed?
We can refer you to electricians for installation. If you are an electrician, come talk to us!

What size generator do you need?
Here is a link to Kohler’s online questionnaire. It will tell you the size generator you need:

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